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EVENT: 20 for 30 Challenge

What if this was the month you revealed a new best fitness peak—and gave yourself some serious workout love?

And what if that love translated to contributions for an amazing cause?

The bande team has created this challenge to support your endurance so you can finish the year strong—and to donate to our non-profit of the quarter, Steady Buckets.

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BLOG: Equipment Recommendations to Enhance Your At-Home Gym

While bande classes don't require equipment, instructors may introduce a few pieces to help optimize your workout. Our instructors and staff swear by the following pieces to build up your at-home studio and give your workouts extra intensity.

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BLOG: How bande helps you get moving outdoors

With daylight savings starting up this weekend, the longer days of sunshine that we have all been craving are finally here — which means it’s time to get outside and get moving. Here are just a few ways that indoor workout classes can improve your performance in outdoor sports and recreational activities. 

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